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Crocodile Leather

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The crocodile used to wrap our covers comes from the best CITES regulated farms, tanned by specialized companies through barrel dyeing processes and finished by hand respecting the strict REACH parameters to ensure a natural look but safeguarding the environment. The inside of the cover is totally wrapped with microfiber.

  • 100% Crocodile leather
  • Made in Italy

Material: Natural exotic leathers are known for their refined look, perfect durability, and tear resistance. Each leather has its signature natural texture, marks, and wrinkles so that every item is unique. The accessories made from such leathers can serve a long time, acquiring a beautiful patina along the way. Crocodile leather is considered the most expensive and precious due to its rarity and extensive manual labor involved in the production. CLAN is committed to sustainable production practices. We select only certified suppliers that use natural resources ethically.

The best way to care for your leather item is to wipe it with a soft microfiber cloth. Be careful not to scratch or rub your item against abrasive surfaces. Protect your item from humid environments. Keep it away from water and any liquid substances, which may cause stains. If wet, wipe the product with a dry microfiber cloth. Keep away from direct light or any source of heat, which may affect the color. The overexposure to humidity and light can permanently damage exotic leathers. Avoid contact with oily or alcohol-based substances and perfume. Avoid any manufactured leather care products. To remove stains, use a clean dry microfiber cloth. Contact with raw or dark textiles can affect light-colored leathers. When not using the item, keep it in a protective pouch.

Shipping within 5 working days. You have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return.